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We offer specialist training to individual who wants to learn the process of film production.

We also have a dedicated site of LMS (Learning Management System) where one can enroll in our professional training program.

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Our Training Programs


There is nothing fun than to be the first in hand to experience the moments unfold before you and to have the power to capture the moment is highly privileged. We are here to make sure that you are ready for it and well equipped for the task..


We understand the importance of Light and Camera work and the key role of a cinematographer (D.O.P) for any visual project. We give training with practical courses that will help you be the best in the business. 


The most important job title of any production is the editor. VNE has training courses that offers you the best industry standard software’s, may it be Linear Editing or Non-Linear (Node Based) Editing. We will make you armed with the best weapons to explore your creativity.  

Consultancy Programs

Knowing what to do with your creation is very important. Since the introduction online medium, knowing the strategist to market and sale your product is a must. Therefore, Visual Notes Entertainment offers the consultancy services to make you creation a substantial product.


We understand the value of your work, and time and investment you put on creating a product. So, we help you in finding the right medium to market your product and create a brand for your targeted audience.


Good visual content and great production need to reach the audience fast and efficiently. Our team of annalist is right for the job to distribute your content or product brand to your audience. From digital platform to television, we can distribute your content.

Building Brands

The key for your product to gain success is “Brand Awareness”, it is a vital ingredient for the growth of your business. Keeping this in mind, we help you understand the core concept of branding and help you manage your branding campaigns of your content and product.

Research and Innovation

To create something new or to know your audience interest, we help you hand-in-hand to create the best product with in dept research of the product and content that will fulfill the end consumer expectation and demands.

With innovative ideas and work attics, we will develop your product from grown up to the final product without compromising the originality of your imagination and structure. Consult with us today!!!

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