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Exclusive opportuinity for Mount Mary College Students only.

Part of Summer Vacation Project

 Visual Notes Entertainment is looking for talented individuals who are interested in singing and wants to try out in this career as an artist. If you are interested, you can participate in an online contest by submitting us your songs (it can be a cover song or original song in video format, recorded from your phone), we will short list the best performer and give you a shot in building your career here with us.

Note that the videos you submit will be fully private and kept secret as well your participation. There will be no official declaration in public domain without your consent.

You can perform along with the tracks or any accompanying instrument of your choice. There are no restrictions in these regard.

The selected artist will be awarded with a Song recording (Original) and Music video which will be sent to Channels like VH1 and MTV.

Your song will be released in Spotify and iTunes and all major platforms like YouTube and Vemeo.

There are no set number of selection here so everyone can try regardless of your vocal quality. The company will take a chance in grooming you further if we find you to be a promising artist.


How to submit your Video:

  1. Carefully submit your details here.
  2. The file size of your video must not exceed 99MB.
  3. Both Vertical and Horizontal video orientation can be accepted.
  4. Audio must be very clean, try to minimize the background noise as much as possible.
  5. The Video should be bright and clear and should cover 75% of your body.
  6. There should be “No filters in video”

After your submission, our team will review the content and may ask you to make, edit or send us new content for resubmission.

Good Luck!

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