16 year old Jano is a prodigy in her own way. Privileged to have parents who manage a music ministry, she began her Piano lessons at the age of 6 years and since then, there has been no turning back. It was her parents who initially infused music in her, but she is also highly gifted. Her parent runs a residential music school in Dimapur, and she has made use of the advantage to the optimum benefit to nourish and polish her gifts.

It was during the Christmas in 2014 that she casually performed one of her composition in front of her cousins, who noticed her talents for the first time. Astonished by her music, they began to encourage, with a strong persistence, to record her songs and release them for people to listen to. With the motivation she received from her cousins, friends and with the support of her family she is now making her debut.

She receives her inspiration from the indigenous folk music and the works of famous musicians like Gudy Garland, Georg Friedrich Handel, Hayley Westenra and Ludwig Van Beethoven. Jano is currently working as pianist n keyboard instructor at School of Music;Dimapur.





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