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5 Minutes Band is a boyband formed in the year 2017, from Nagaland, India; comprising of four members: Joseph Konyak, Hentick Konyak, Akun Wanghum, Yenwang Konyak. Every member of the band have participated in popular singing contests around Nagaland and Northeast and each of them has made their name known to the masses; they have been pursuing their solo careers before coming together as a group. Having a common goal and passion for music, especially in Hindi Music, these four friends finally decided to work together as a band.

To kick start their band, they released their first song which was a mash up of popular Bollywood and English songs which received a huge appreciation from the viewers.

Their first official single “Udaan – A flight” release on February 7th 2020, the song talk about achieving the goals and dreams that you have and no matter what the obstacles are, you will eventually overcome them if you don’t give up. This song is mostly focus on younger generation and children who has amazing dreams and aims.

The second single was released the same month, “Mongken (Beloved)”, this song is mainly a Hindi song but they have added a hint of their native dialogue in the songs, “Mongken, Tao nangte ken nang”, which means “My beloved, I love you”.

This song received lots of appreciation among the fans.

After a year gap they release a new single “Soniye”, which they worked on the song for a year. The songs is release worldwide, across all digital platform such as Spotify, iTunes, AmazonMusic and Ganna, Savaan and many more platforms. The song is expected to receive much appreciation and hope to make a huge comeback for the band.

They are also on a verge of release a local Nagamese song written and produced by the member of the band Akun Wanghum title “Sundur Ase”, meaning “You’re Beautiful”.

Specially targeting audience from the interior regions of their state and mass native from the state as Nagamese is the main language spoken throughout the different tribes.

The band is managed by Charles Crezen, The proprietor of Visual Notes Entertainment. It’s a registered company since 2010 has done many artist profiling.

The band is managed under the banner of Visual Notes Entertainment.

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